KKBrinson Studios

KKBrinson Studios is a family endeavor. It was the dream of Kenn's to build a post and beam barn to house his and his wife's studio. Over the years this has grown to also encompass their kids and grandkids. 


Kenn Brinson

Robert Henri said that art is not an outside extra thing, it is being in that state of mind that makes art inevitable. Karen has always said that I am the Founder and President of the Hobby of the Month club. As an artist how can you produce if you have nothing to say. I am in a constant state of exploring, researching, and discovering life. 

Karen Brinson

I have a love for common, ordinary tools, smells, and experiences. I believe it is in the simplicity of living, that we find life’s greatest riches. Often the things forgotten, ignored, and taken for granted are the essence of what I desire to portray. The value is not in the resource used but the way they are composed, which encourages the audience to see these materials in a new light. Sacred things are often what surround us. Family, relationships, cooking, gardening, cleaning, pottery, writing, running, sewing, and serving provide the materials for my creative process.